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Cheese Shake Biscuits
Coconut Cashew Clusters

Coconut Cashew Clusters

Refresh snack time with these crunchy coconut and cashew clusters! Based on the traditional, favorit..


Crispy Fish  - BBQ flavor
Crispy Fish  - Black pepper flavor
Crispy Fish  - Original flavor
Crispy roll - coconut flavor
Crispy roll - durian flavor
Crispy roll - Garlic-pepper flavor
Crispy roll - pandan flavor
Crispy roll - taro flavor
Durian Chips

Durian Chips

The chips will give you the special taste that you never eat before without the durian smell. Durian..


Freeze Dried Durian

Freeze Dried Durian

Refresh snack time with our freeze dried durian from Thailand! These crunchy durian are naturally sw..






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